The Hungarian Psychoanalytical Society is one of the oldest member societies of the International Psychoanalytical Association founded by Sandor Ferenczi in the year of 1913. The professional activity of this internationally acclaimed grouping named later as the “Budapest School of Psychoanalysis” was interrupted after the Second World War under the unfavorable political conditions.  It was refounded in 1989 and from that time it offers professional framework and scientific forum for practicing psychoanalysts who treat people suffering from mental disorders of various levels of severity. Furthermore, it takes care of future generation psychoanalysts’ training. Finally, it carries out various initiatives to develop psychoanalytic theory and practice and to spread psychoanalytic knowledge and wisdom in wider circles of society.

The Faculty of Education and Psychology (PPK) is one of the eight faculties of the 375-year-old University of Eötvös Loránd.  PPK has a brief, but rich history and noble traditions. Our motto, “PPK, everything that is human.” represents our core values and interests. Education here is a lot more than just gaining academic knowledge; it is a mission as well. We offer not only BA, BSc, MA and MSc programs in psychology, education and sport sciences, but also PhD programs and postgraduate specialization courses as well. The growing number of full time English language training programs (such as Psychology on BA, MA and PhD levels) are strategic elements in our training portfolio.  Ever since the opening of its gates in 2003, the Faculty of Education and Psychology has been developing its training programs and research activities, improving its infrastructure, and expanding its international network.